Easy-Wi Update 6.0.4



  • IPv6 adresses can be logged
  • Multiple improvements at the Italian language package

Game Server

  • GameQ Query library updated
  • Start/Stop button added at the console in the user area
  • Workaround for Debian 9 and screen -L added
  • CSV files are copied instead of being linked


  • Game name not displayed at console output of statuscheck.php
  • Game server status time stamp at user overview
  • DB remove only of game server outputs shell debug and fails
  • Restart of game server with a not existing protected file creates folders recursively
  • "Notified count" not reset in case game server is reachable again
  • Update success for SteamCMD games no longer detected
  • Restart planer not working with latest MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04
  • ARK Template
  • MTA:SA Template
  • Page list not working with latest MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04
  • CMS cannot be edited in some cases
  • In case a TS3 master belongs to a reseller the instances are not checked properly by status check
  • Initial TS3 password not saved to DB
  • suhosin check at TS3 import
  • Incorrect headline at TSDNS admin overview
  • Adding groups with active debugger not working
  • Multiple undefined variable notices (with active debugger)
  • Incorrect icon used from Font Awesome in case of Hybridauth and Twitch
  • Security issue in case Reseller switches to a user account
  • SQL syntax at game and voice server API in combination with external ID
  • Login Loop (first login might fail)
  • "Please allow redirection settings" error in case of logout on some systems
  • Adding a ticket category with latest MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04 fails
  • Redirect at default Apache2 vhost template