Easy-Wi Update 5.22


Game Server

  • More than 1TB Ram can be managed at the masterserver

Panel Settings

  • Add favicon configuration
  • Coloring option for templates


  • 3rd party libaries updated
  • Support of special characters at passwords
  • Pretty output at statuscheck.php via GET
  • Support optional args as GET at statuscheck.php
  • Remove old update scripts
  • Italian translation added
  • Reseller can make use of the lend server modul
  • Align standalone cms pages with Admin LTE


  • TSDNS and TS3 not restarted due to new binary names
  • Server restart when user is inactive
  • GS reinstall not logged at user panel
  • Typo error installer
  • CDN used at login pages
  • No external ID shown on voice edit
  • Repquota bug in statuscheck.php