Easy-WI Webinterface

The Easy-Wi Webinterface can be downloaded via GitHub:

Easy-Wi Bash Installer allows a guided installation at Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS systems. Other versions of those distributions might work but are not tested.

Supported methods are Standalone Panel at a blank system, Web Master, MySQL Master, Game Master and Voice Master.

Easy-Wi WHCMS Addon

With the Easy-Wi WHCMS Addon Easy-Wi can be integrated into the shop software WHMCS. User and service provisioning can be fully automated. Furthermore it is possible to include the lend server and protection status pages into the public page of the shop.

Server Scripts

A collection of useful helper scripts can be found at Some of the functions:

  • Image server management
  • Start and wrapper scripts
  • shootmania
  • starbound
  • trackmania
  • Update migrations

User REST sync

A PHP Script which provides a RESTfull Web Service at another CMS for WI. Easy-WI can synchronise userdata into the WI with the help of this service. A collection of example scripts can be found at