Easy-Wi Update 6.0.0


The migration script has to be executed on each root server with game servers after the update: migrate.sh



  • Hybrid Auth updated to 2.9.5
  • Ubuntu 16.04 support
  • added russian language
  • Globale search removed
  • Admins will be notified in case Easy-Wi installation becomes outdated
  • Length for names for public keyfiles globally increased to 255
  • Versioning via GitHub instead of easy-wi.com


  • Download modul can maintain external downloads
  • HTTP Only is set in case of https

Game Server

  • ip_port sub folder removed
  • Workaround -nobreakpad added at CS:GO template
  • GameQ updated to latest dev version
  • Server is stopped before reinstall
  • Project Cars template updated
  • Special character @ can be used for addon folders
  • Backup create command will be ignored in case one is running
  • Server is stopped before migration is done
  • Server description can be maintained
  • Fast download instructions added for UnrealEngine
  • Steam Server and Game ID can be maintained in parallel

Voice Server

  • Token can be used while adding via API
  • Inifile is specified on restart
  • Server description can be maintained


  • Added PHP-FPM support
  • Default redirects added to standard templates


  • Added MySQL 5.7 support
  • MySQL master description can be maintained


  • Developer and stable release train configurable


  • General: Glyphicons used, but not available
  • General: Updater from 5.22 to 5.30 error prone if executed multiple times
  • General: Variable feedArray undefined in some cases at admin home
  • General: Custom modules not properly listed at user menu
  • General: To short password leads to failing API
  • General: Substitute is not greeted properly
  • General: Admin can access users without having the proper permission
  • General: SQL error in case imported users are updated and have been imported with md5 password
  • General: Redirect after logout on systems without domain not working
  • CMS: Summernote editor broken at sites and news
  • CMS: News edit and removal of keywords not possible in parallel
  • CMS: User activation link
  • CMS: Lend servers do not work in case SEO URLs are deactivated
  • Game Server: FTP connect at serverlog incorrectly displayed
  • Game Server: Securing CVARs in multiple files at once not working
  • Game Server: Long INI files are cut off
  • Game Server: API FTP password change not reflected to root
  • Game Server: Italian translation at Monsta FTP
  • Game Server: Typo at game server update mail
  • Game Server: Typo at master server menu entry
  • Game Server: Shorten with a leading number will crash the API
  • Game Server: Upload of empty files at MonstaFTP not possible
  • Game Server: Copy of configs at protection mode not working
  • Voice Server: Creation via API fails
  • Voice Server: SSH Keys at for master do not work
  • Voice Server: SSH Keys with password fail for TSDNS master
  • Voice Server: Reset of notified at statuscheck failing
  • Voice Server: API TSDNS delete does not work
  • Voice Server: Masterid at reimport not set
  • Voice Server: Typo at voice master outdated mail
  • Voice Server: Suhosin check during import will break importer on systems without Suhosin
  • Voice Server: Incorrect error message at connection check
  • Voice Server: Versions lookup at removed mirror removed
  • Webspace: SSH Keys at for master do not work
  • Webspace: Usage of fixed urls at vhost template not possible
  • API: User list not working with active debig mode
  • Installer: Single quote at values for config.php result in syntax error
  • Installer: User passwort validation missing
  • Installer: Valid password format might be rejected
  • Installer: Undefined variable ui