Master Apps


As soon as the first "App/Game Master" root has been created, as described under App/Game Master > Overview, you can choose in the submenu "Master Apps" see the root server. The options "Add" are available. These are used to administer the individual apps or games on this root. Depending on the size and bandwidth, it may take a while for a master app to be installed.

The installation of the Master App is a mandatory requirement for assigning a Game Server to a customer.

To install a Master App, such as Conter-Strike: Source, click on the Add button on one of the master servers. In the following select the desired server and click again on the Add button.

The master servers are now installed asynchronously in the background.


You can remove one or more master apps per master root. To do this, click on the Delete button and select the Master Apps to be removed in the following dialog. Click again on the delete button.

The master apps are now deleted asynchronously in the background. If there are server instances for users, they will also be deleted.