Service administration

Being a hoster requires a webinterface that eases your daily work. Also clans and sponsoring projects do not want to give up the comfort a webinterface can bring them.

Quick start

Stable Installer (up to Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.10 and CentOS 6)

LATEST_VERSION=`wget -q --timeout=60 -O - https://api.github.com/repos/easy-wi/installer/releases/latest | grep -Po '(?<="tag_name": ")([0-9]\.[0-9]+)'`
wget -O installer.tar.gz https://github.com/easy-wi/installer/archive/$LATEST_VERSION.tar.gz
tar zxf installer.tar.gz && mv ./installer-*/easy-wi_install.sh ./
rm -r installer.tar.gz installer-*/
bash easy-wi_install.sh

Unstable Installer (Debian 9 and later, Ubuntu 17.10 and later and CentOS 7 and later)

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/easy-wi/installer/master/easy-wi_install.sh
bash ./easy-wi_install.sh

What to expect

  • Responsive design for all kinds of screens and devices, designed to serve in a user-friendly way.
  • Easy-Wi can manage various services like Teamspeak 3 and game servers in a distributed fashion.
  • Services can be monitored and auto restart on crash activated
  • Using Symlinks for shared files decreases the game server installation to a few seconds. Using symlinks will reduce the disk usage for each server to a few Megabytes instead of many Gigabytes.
  • Webspace can be managed for various webservers like Apache2, Nginx, etc.
  • Independent or in combination with the webspace MySQL or MariaDB can be managed.
  • A CMS to manage your pages and news.

Support Channel

Discord: Easy-WI Discord Channel

Github: Easy-WI Github Channel