Easy-Wi Update 4.3


The PECL SSH2 extension is no longer needed!



  • Split Root Server menu in two
  • Allow additional login method key + password
  • Replace ssh2 pecl module with phpseclib
  • Change to red button and trash icon for delete
  • Define timezone
  • use $dbConnect['debug'] instead of $debug
  • Run REPAIR and OPTIMIZE only once a day
  • Create FTP class
  • Use PHP Mailer for better Mail support

Game Server

  • Add Web FTP
  • File templates for Game Server
  • Catch Exceptions from GameQ at image.php
  • Move GS masterupdate reboot.php -> startupdates.php
  • Create functions_gs.php
  • Upgrade GameQ to latest version
  • Add "select all" to DB repair GS + Addons
  • Ensure unique games at gs masterupdate
  • Remove color tags from servername
  • Enhance output reboot.php/startupdates.php
  • Enhance error reporting at screenlog
  • Add ESL CS GO addons
  • Add tekkit classic
  • More debugging output to statuscheck.php
  • use binport at teeworlds template
  • Add CSS BHOP mappackage
  • Add JSON support to config protect
  • On Resync/Reinstall preselect template 1
  • Add starbound template
  • Increase length of gamebinary
  • / in front of import path
  • Add a gametemplate for reseller if admin does


  • Predate cronjob timestamps during install
  • Display both wget options at install
  • Add version check at install

Root Server

  • After image install only PXE remove, no DHCP remove


  • Add reseller fix job

Voice Server

  • split content of class_voice.php


  • API not working due to incorrect validators at vorlage.php
  • GS roots reinstall all uses wrong ID
  • Protectioncheck form link and subfolders
  • Game Server API getting ignored
  • Registration activation link incorrect if SEO is OFF
  • Incorrect display if ticket has been edited
  • User cannot reply to tickets in state "In Process"
  • Spamfilter set to NO not respected
  • Installer fallbacks to non existing language
  • Cronjob timestamps for resellers are not updated
  • No error handling in case keyfile is missing
  • Multiple wrong text displays at installer
  • install.php: Undefined index: USER
  • Add +1 Slot at check when sourcetv is active
  • Error at lending module
  • Old SQL on ts3 import regarding usergroup
  • Initial password not set during import
  • implode(): Invalid arguments userpanel_gserver.php
  • Undefined index: active at statuscheck.php
  • Remove include for queries.php
  • Usernames and TS3 import
  • Correct depencies while correct/add default addons