Easy-Wi Update 4.4



  • Replaced Wiki with manual links
  • Log global usage statistics and display at admin dashboard.
  • Easy-wi Facebook page added to headers.
  • Additional fallbacks for user_language removed.
  • Display only relevant Steam news at user dashboard.
  • Display list of available custom modules.
  • Substitutes can maintain their own data.
  • New PHP folderstructure.
  • PNG usage entfernt.
  • Social Auth added.


  • user prefix is NO allows nickname pick at register.
  • Display html title depending on the page.

Game Server

  • Allow multiple subfolders for game images.
  • Add restart jobs, when steamgame update.
  • Moved masterserver ajax out of settings.php
  • GameQ updated.
  • Add garrysmod template.
  • Reduce memory usage with serverlogs.
  • Workaround at statuscheck.php for games with different query port.
  • Redirect back to restartplaner after edit.
  • Workaround for servercolor/branding
  • SQL support for EAC.
  • Removed hldsupdatetool.


  • Hosttable management can be deactivated for users.
  • Added reinstall feature.
  • Collect and display DB size at MySQL Module.
  • Align layout for MySQL to GS at userpanel.

Root Server

  • Enhanced subnet management.
  • Reworked Root Server IP system.
  • Added Vlan Support.


  • Add reseller fix job

Voice Server

  • Add banlist for users to TS3.
  • Display slot and traffic usage for TS3 at userpanel.
  • Log traffic in addition to slots for TS3 server.


  • Webspace/FastDL Modul added.


  • API: Creating users no password will be saved in the database.
  • API: Restore legacy API behaviour.
  • CMS: Canurl not set for static pages.
  • Game Server: Fix Popup for create NEW FILE WebFTP.
  • Game Server: Own Game Server start command.
  • Game Server: Minecraft migration does not work.
  • Game Server: Game Server Settings Mapgroup selection.
  • Game Server: Updates not starting at minute 0.
  • Game Server: Restart calendar works for monday only.
  • Game Server: Do not export downloadPath with Game Server image.
  • Game Server: Protection mode not copying over files from non-protected server.
  • Game Server: Online servers with empty server names show up as offline in Webinterface.
  • Game Server: Game Server not stopped by job.php on delete.
  • General: Workaround for admins without timezone set.
  • General: After fresh install mails send without text.
  • General: Redirect to URIs with double slashes.
  • General: EasyWi CMS links partially incorrect.
  • Voice: Missing include while voice server delete.
  • Voice: TS3 slots can be edited after reset.