Easy Anti Cheat

Easy Anti Cheat is a paid anticheat program.

For the Easy Anti Cheat Server each game server must be entered individually. Depending on the installation type is configured with files or database. It requires IPv4 and port, the type of cheat protection and the remote password (Rcon).

If you use a MySQL database with Easy Anti Cheat, you have to select MySQL as the "Installation Type". Please make sure that you can connect from the web host to the MySQL server on which the Easy Anti Cheat database is located. If you configure it with files, you specify the SSH2 credentials and the destination path for the configs.

If the access data are stored and the cheat protection is activated in a game server, then the config entry is managed by Easy-Wi. This is done by editing the associated EasyAntiCheat Config or database entry with each new server restart and each Rcon password change via Easy-Wi.