Easy-Wi Update 5.0


The control.sh is replaced by a PHP based class. Also Quotas can be used at gameservers. This means you need to alter your/etc/sudoers. Entries for Quotas are optional:

easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/useradd
easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/userdel
easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/deluser
easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/usermod
easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/setquota
easywi ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/repquota
easywi ALL = (ALL, !root:easywi) NOPASSWD: /home/easywi/temp/*.sh

Depending how you named the masteruser easywi needs to be replaced.



  • TSNDS API added
  • More speaking access denied error message
  • Send operation is returned for debugging
  • Complete data set is returned at edit operations
  • IP is returned at Game and voice server edit
  • Game switch games can be added/removed at the edit operation
  • FTP user is returned at game server operations
  • Initial password can be set for game servers
  • Core count is returned for game servers
  • Added list of all installed game types/master apps
  • Added list of all master server with optional limit
  • Multiple master IDs can be send during all add operations
  • Description is returned at master lists
  • Added Web space master list
  • Added MySQL master list
  • Generated user name is returned in case none is send
  • Added user list
  • New operation clean user's externalID


  • hreflang support
  • index.php is routed to home when seo mode is active
  • WYSIWYG editor Summernote for page and news management


  • External news in steam feeds are read and added
  • Pictures are removed from feeds

Game Server

  • Quota support
  • Multiple hard disks are supported
  • SteamCMD login can be maintained per template/image
  • control.sh replaced by PHP Class
  • Configuration previously done at the control.sh replaced by app server configuration
  • Protected Linux system user will be only created when the game server has the mode enabled
  • SteamCMD updates are executed after each other instead of combined
  • Optional option [no_padding] at add ons and additional start commands
  • Query port can be defined at the game server template
  • New template No More Room in Hell
  • New template Project Cars
  • FTP server without chroot are supported
  • Lending Minecraft, Samp and Teeworlds is supported
  • statuscheck.php timeout increased
  • Restart done by a cronjob is logged with ip
  • "@" and "." allowed for FTP user at FastDL


  • New admin/user template with 6 different colours
  • Large parts of the code re factored
  • Creation processes are 1 step only
  • SSH ips can be used for ssh connect only to be able to set up a dmz
  • Icon and text at the header can be configured at the settings
  • Status page for cronjobs and PHP extensions
  • Third party CSS, JS and Fonts are shipped with Easy-Wi
  • Query results are processed with while instead of foreach loops to reduce ram usage
  • Modul concept redone
  • CURRENT_TIMESTAMP supported at table repair
  • User can deactive info texts
  • Char "-" can be used for passwords
  • Default externalID is now "empty"
  • Job entries for stopping all services are written when a user is deactivated or deleted
  • Improved error response at external auth


  • externalID can be maintained for databases


  • HTML5 validation added to avoid 404 errors

Voice Server

  • externalID can be maintained for TSNDS
  • Maximum amount of TSNDS per master can be defined
  • Description for Voice Server can be maintained


  • Multiple domains can be mapped to a web space
  • Optional php.ini configurations can be defined

Third Party

  • Added DataTables
  • Added Chosen
  • Added moment.js
  • Added Daterangepicker
  • Updated Bootstrap
  • Updated Font Awesome
  • Updated HybridAuth


  • Validator class and multi dimensional arrays
  • Installer without error message in case of incorrect MySQL access data
  • Only one source of time at lend.php
  • External auth is using wring port for SSL
  • SSL/TLS support at PHPMailer
  • Custom Colums
  • Bcrypt support not checked in any case
  • Prefix ignored at user adding as resller
  • Voice master with external TSDNS master
  • Incorrect value for nextfree at lend API
  • PHP notice message with stopped voice server
  • MySQL overview with incorrect index
  • SQL exception at MySQL DB API edit
  • TSDNS key login not working
  • Http server not starting after edit
  • E-Mail template for user add and registration cannot be edited
  • DB dump cannot be downloaded