Easy-Wi Update 5.2



  • Default order of news and date as sort option

Game Server

  • Added universal game server console
  • Added Unreal Tournament 3/4 support
  • Fetch Ark Survival Evolved Version from arkdedicated.com instead of steam API
  • Improved Ark Survival Evolved restart process
  • Added Steam Server Token support
  • Default imageserver is not hard coded anymore
  • Set default start updates at to minute 10
  • Added optional parameter at startupdates.php all_root and force_update
  • Upgrade to latest GameQ v3 version
  • Added additional games to GameQ v3
  • Added fallback to GameQ v2
  • Added logging at job.php
  • Restart all gameserver after master update in any case
  • Ensure MC download path is set
  • File extension lang is copied
  • Better error handling at image import
  • Added online mode to MC templates
  • Added templates Arma3, Rust, Spigot, Hexxit

Voice Server

  • Flexible configurations possible


  • Added version check in Apache Vhost


  • New table version and configuration management
  • BB code at feed news display added
  • Added new skins light skins for all existing colours
  • Upgraded UI frameworks to latest versions
  • Increased minimum PHP to 5.4
  • Display last cron run at system overview
  • Deactivate CMS module by default
  • Deactivate root module
  • Incorrect default open_basedir template
  • Incorrect default apache2 reload command


  • CMS frontend still active when deactivated in backend
  • FastDL is showing username instead of domain
  • Installer does not work with MySQL package from Oracle
  • Corrected list of allowed files at .htaccess
  • Align .htaccess with 2.4
  • Webmaster: Incorrect redirect to overview in case of error
  • % character not within span group in some template files
  • Incorrect default MB value at web master
  • Wrong URL at installer
  • Csgo template outdated
  • DataTables not working without because of upper case parameters
  • Voice API add method failing with debug on
  • Admin GS reinstall: Usage of not existing variable
  • Incorrect usage of ID at web master add
  • Incorrect array used at ajax app details template
  • Incorrect spelling of access
  • False positive with outdated voice server version
  • Missing queryPassword column at voice server
  • Gameserver easy config and special character like newline
  • cloud.php cannot be used via external cronjob
  • Game Server file copy exclude pattern not applied
  • Im Fehler Fall wird "My Voiceserver" erneut voran gestellt