Easy-Wi Update 5.21



  • List of sub pages available at the page template

Game Server

  • Restart after Update can be deactivated
  • User can deactivate auto restarts
  • JSON can be edited via Web FTP
  • RAM is taken into account on master usage
  • Live console changed to monospace font
  • Passiv FTP is supported

Voice Server

  • Default value for connectIpOnly defined
  • Flex slots configuration hidden


  • More error details in at MySQL DB CRUD
  • More default values at MySQL Master add defined


  • GS cannot be edited in case root is full
  • All GS of root will be restarted in case of any update
  • HDD value not saved at GS API
  • GS restart not working for some MC cases
  • GS cannot be deployed
  • Too many files are copied with GS sync/add
  • GS backups removed on restart
  • Configs listed twice at some templates
  • Regex not properly escaped in same config edit cases
  • MySQL master password displayed with type text
  • MySQL add/mod does not handle SQL external errors
  • Incorrect templates at page CRUD
  • Page edit does not set variable naviDisplay
  • Page keywords not always working
  • PHP config not displayed at Web Master
  • Maximum voice backups are limited to 9
  • Newest TS3 version not detected
  • Voice API does not convert JSON config
  • Incorrect sucess display at job log
  • E-Mail Umlaute und Anordnung
  • Web master selection
  • Web quota with multiple partitions