E-Mail Settings


In the e-mail settings you can define how and if e-mails should be sent. Likewise, all templates are freely definable. A e-mail server is required and is not included.

E-Mail Settings

For the panel to send messages to users, it needs a sender e-mail. The e-mail specified here will be used when sending messages to users.

If you use PHP mail, you should not send an email from an email provider such as email. use mymail@gmx.com. Doing so, the mails are usually classified as spam and in the worst case, the IP of the web server ends up on the blacklists, making a mail delivery as good as impossible.

E-Mail Templates Language

Here you can select the language for which you want to edit the templates. Only one language can be selected at a time.

E-Mail Templates

The overview of all templates. If it has not been created, it will be pointed out and you can create it.