At this point it is assumed that the Installer has already been run on a Root or V-Server.


Reseller Assign

Here you can select whether this master server is assigned to a reseller.


If Yes is selected for Assign Reseller, you can select a reseller to access this master.



IP or hostname of the masterserver

Primary IP/Domain for Administration (DMZ), others for external Connections

Additional IP

Additional IP addresses that are available to the master server can be entered here.

FTP Port

If the FTP port on the master server has been changed, this can be adjusted here.

SSH2 Port

If the SSH Port was changed on the masterserver, this can be adjusted here.

SSH2 Username

Here you enter the username that you chose during the installation of the Game Master.

Use Public Keyfile

Here you can choose how the web interface authenticates itself to the game master. - No => password - yes => keyfile - yes + password => Password protected Keyfile

SSH2 Password

Here you enter the password of the user you created during the installation of the Game Master. If you did not choose a password, but created a keyfile, you do not have to fill in this field.

Name of the Public Keyfile

Filename of the Public Keyfile uploaded to the webspace. The keyfiles belong in the folder "Keys" on the webspace.

Operating System

Bit Version

Hyper Threading

Select Yes if your processor and operating system support Hyperthreading.


Enter here the number of cores your processor has. Note: If you selected "Yes" in Hyperthreading, your cores will automatically be doubled. Enter here only the number of Real cores.

Ram (MB)

Amount of RAM in MB. Note: Your operating system, as well as other services on the server will also need a little RAM. Therefore, it is advisable not everything to write here RAM but deduct ~ 1 GB.


Maximum Slots

Maximum Servers

Number of servers to run on this master server (maximum).

Installation Paths

Remove Logs after N Days

Remove Demos after N Days

Remove ZTMP Files after N Days

Remove invalid Files after N Days

UserIDs starting from

Server Binaries

Illegal Files

Here file types can be defined, which are not wanted on this server. _Note: _ If you add ".zip" here for example, users of Minecraft servers may get problems with "Mods/plugins/resource packages".

Use Ionice


Enable Quotas

Quota Command

Repquota Command

Block Size

For most systems, the block size is 4096. D.h. One block contains 4096 bytes of data.

Block/Inode Ratio

For most systems, the ratio is 4. on 4 blocks comes an inode


Hourly Update at Minute

Steam Account

If data is entered here, these overwrite the settings of the templates.

SteamCmd Account

SteamCmd Password


Removes the masterserver entry from the database. This also removes all Master Apps and Game Server users from the database.


If you click on Reinstall for a master entry, you will get all servers installed on it listed. You can now select all those that you want to reinstall. Once the selection is complete, click on the "Reinstall" button. Now the servers are being reinstalled asynchronously in the background.