Easy-Wi Update 4.10



  • News feeds are active per default.
  • CMS is activated per default.
  • Cronjobs can be executed from remote host in case the IP is whitelisted.
  • Link at versionckeck are changed to the new Easy-WI forums location.
  • Passwordforms are masked with stars.
  • News created at the CMS module are displayed at the dashboard as well.
  • Multiple legacy functions removed or optimized.
  • Keyfiles can be entered with and without .pub.
  • Removal buttons are displayed with fitting icon and in red.
  • Modul Management added.


  • Passwort hashes are imported as well.

Game Server

  • Root description will be displayed while adding a Game Server. Fallback is the IP.
  • While adding or editing a masterserver the connection data will be verified and a connection check done.
  • Addons now have a multiselect regarding supported games in case of selecting a game or a whole engine type.
  • Minecraft Craft Bukkit startcommand extended.
  • l4d, l4d2 and tf2 images are defined with steamCmd installer.
  • l4d2 and tf2 are added to the workaround function regarding appIDs for API and updater.
  • Added Multi Theft San Andreas image and query.
  • Added GTA San Andreas Multiplayer image and query.
  • Added Teeworlds image and query.
  • Added Minecraft autoupdater.
  • Added Minecraft Craft Bukkit autoupdater.
  • In case a whole Root Server is lost and replaced all users and server can be recreated with one click.


  • Description can be added with a MYSQL database.


  • Language variables added regarding users creation and modifcation date.
  • Passwords are hashed with PHP 5.5 Hash API or fallback if PHP is older.
  • Migration of old hashes once a user logs in.
  • Loginname will be shown at Welcome: (...) in case no first and last name is maintained.
  • Any hints regarding account existence removed from password reset.

Voice Server

  • While adding or editing a masterserver the connection data will be verified and a connection check done.
  • Masterserver can be added to a reseller account which then will be able to use it but cannot see configurations like passwords.


  • Colours correct at admins Game Server overview.
  • Game lendserver are shut down correctly.
  • No PHP time out in case the TS3 server bans the webserver during command execution.
  • Creation- and modification date correctly setup for initial admin account.
  • Outdated icon regarding userswitch removed from logoverview.
  • Return after useraction at the ticket module corrected.
  • Correct validator used in case of editing own userdata.
  • Outdated icons replaced at protectioncheck within the CMS.
  • Lendserver overview is displayed correctly at CMS.
  • MYSQL module maintains DB users without errors.
  • Success message in case of adding a substitute.
  • Added missing template admin_voicemasterserver_dl.tpl.
  • Corrected reinstall Game Servern at adminpanel.
  • Startcommand can now contain the character #.
  • Corrected image ALT at protection mode display.
  • Enhanced error handling at TS3 class in case no serverinfo has been retrieved.
  • Streetnumber can contain a horizontal line.
  • Corrected PHP Notice in case of Game Server reinstall.
  • Corrected userpanel gamerserver overview regarding FTP passwords.
  • FastDL matching working again.
  • Usage of $_SERVER removed from login.php.
  • Installer definines the default template.