User import


Easy-Wi is able to import users and their updates from other systems. Together with External Authentication you can reduce the barriers for the user.


First, the function must be activated and configured in Easy-Wi. This is done under the menu item "Jobs/API >> User Import".

You can specify and configure as many sources as you like.


If updating is deactivated, the users are only loaded initially. Any later updates will be disabled.


Number of users who are queried simultaneously. The larger the number, the more RAM is needed for Easy-Wi and on the source system. If this value is too large, it may result in out of memory errors.


This activates the importer.


Token with which the script identifies itself to the external system.


The question of whether https, or http should be used.


The domain where the external script is running. Here, the addition "http", or "https" may not be specified.


The path and name of the script to be requested. Here you could enter folder/api_users.php.

User Group

This group is assigned to the user during the import.

Script for the external Server

In the external file, one should first determine if the IP of the requesting server is correct and if a valid token is sent. Only if these data are correct, the query is possible.

The code can be downloaded from GitHub.